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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theology and Religious Studies, BA

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A) The TRS Major is a minimum 36 units. B) The TRS Major is structured to help students attain breadth and depth: breadth in acquainting students with several major sub-disciplines in theology and religious studies; depth in enabling students to pursue a particular area or areas of their own interest in greater depth. Students who successfully complete the TRS Major will have developed skills and competencies that will serve them will in life and many career paths, but also make them well prepared for graduate studies in theology and religions studies. C) We encourage students to pursue informal and even formal concentrations in the sub-disciplines of theology and religious studies that capture their imaginations. We draw special attention to our courses in Latin@ Theology which are particularly strong and well beyond what is offered at most Catholic universities as we aspire to truly be an Hispanic Serving Institution. Other areas worth pursuing in greater depth are biblical interpretation, historical theology, systematic theology, ethics, world religions, religion and the arts, and religious studies. That said, the boundaries of these sub-disciplines are quite fluid, and there is a great deal of interrelatedness and complementarity between them. Exploring and developing those connections is most welcome. D) Though it is not required, in the spring of their last full year, TRS Majors are invited to take a capstone course under the direction of a faculty mentor with departmental approval in which, as part of its successful completion, they will make a public presentation. E) For those who intend to pursue graduate studies in theology or religious studies, we strongly advise them to begin developing competence in the classical and modern languages. We also encourage them to pursue a research project in their last full semester. F) As we encourage students to pursue a double major, there are bound to be scheduling conflicts. Please reach out as early as possible in the registration process so we can work with other departments to arrange accommodations and, if necessary, suggest course substitutions.

Foundations & Methods

Take either of the two foundational classes: TRS-429 or TRS-479.

Explorations / WID

Take a 400-level TRS class designated as fulfilling the WID requirement - currently TRS 409, TRS 459, and the capstone, TRS 496. (Students who have already completed a WiD course in another major may petition to replace this requirement with any 400-level course in TRS, including the second of the two foundational classes.)


Take as many TRS classes as needed to complete at least 36 total units for the major. We highly encourage students to pursue focused concentrations in one or more sub-disciplines of theology and religious studies, particularly Latin@ Studies. We also encourage students to take as many classes as possible at the 400-level.

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