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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate of Biliteracy: Spanish

By design, the Certificate of Biliteracy is inclusive, in that it embraces all learners and intends to provide equal access and expanded opportunity. The certificate is also designed to be consistent and accessible. It certifies attainment by students of intermediate-mid level or advanced-low level of proficiency in Spanish in addition to English. It is a recognition that promotes and validates bilingualism and biliteracy. It includes those who learned their language at home, those who learned it in a classroom, and those who did so through other experiences. It can be awarded to “Spanish as a foreign language” students who have become fluent, or to native Spanish speakers whose formal education has been in English and so seek to ensure academic recognition of the whole of their language skills. The certificate offers a flexible, accurate, and reliable standard by which to recognize language skills at levels that are meaningful for academic and workplace environments.

Who is the certificate for?

  • The certificate is independent from a SPAN major/minor but students who decide to be majors and minors can also receive one as they complete a major or minor.

  • Students from all Undergraduate majors across campus can obtain a certificate.

  • Students in KSOE getting multiple and single subject credential can get a certificate.

Certificate Program Requirements: Pathway to Completion

  1. Take 3 courses in SaLAS, including SPAN 011  and at least one upper-division (UD) (with a grade point average of 2.8 across the three courses).

  2. Take Avant proficiency exam administered by the placement and proficiency coordinator of the WLC. Exam costs 30 dollars per person.

  • Passing with intermediate-mid level proficiency (ACTFL standards) in all 4 modalities (reading, writing, speaking and listening). At this level, the candidate will receive a “FUNCTIONAL FLUENCY AWARD.”


  • Passing with advanced-low level proficiency (ACTFL standards) in all 4 modalities (reading, writing, speaking and listening). At this level, the candidate will receive a “WORKING FLUENCY AWARD.”

Qualifying test scores are valid for 12 months following the test date.

Purpose and Rationale

  • To recognize and value biliteracy and bilingualism as an academic outcome for our diverse population of students.

  • To prepare students across majors with 21st century skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and awareness of cultural diversity.

  • To recognize the value of Spanish language beyond the language requirement and to acknowledge the biliteracy skills of all students.

  • To cultivate skills in communication, research, and analysis that are essential for a lifetime of intellectual engagement in language, cultures, and literatures of Spain, Latin America, and Latinos in the United States.

  • To privilege and advocate for bilingual and bicultural fluidity as a societal and cultural necessity.

  • To certify the attainment of biliteracy, thus giving employers a way of identifying people with these skills, and hence giving students a competitive edge in the job market.