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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Justice, Community and Leadership, Multiple Subject Teacher Education, BA

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JCL Common Curriculum

All students, regardless of concentration, must complete the JCL common curriculum. Students complete additional course requirements determined by their area of concentration. Please note that JCL students meet many requirements of the SMC Core Curriculum within the major and their chosen concentration.

JCL Multiple Subject Teacher Education - Additional Requirements

Lower Division

  • Any one (1) course that satisfies the MU - Mathematical Understanding  core curriculum requirement.
  • EDUC 020 - Introduction to the Teaching Profession

Upper Division Credential Courses

  • TED 501
  • MSTE 123 (.25)
  • MSTE 142 (.25)
  • MSTE 163
  • MSTE 164
  • MSTE 175 (.25)
  • MSTE 111
  • MSTE 117 (.5)
  • MSTE 121
  • MSTE 145
  • MSTE 149
  • MSTE 150
  • TED 502
  • TED 503

JCL Common Curriculum: Required Interdisciplinary Content

In addition to the above courses, JCL majors meet other program requirements from a specific menu of options:

Artistic Understanding

Two full-credit courses that meet the Artistic Analysis requirement and one (full or .25) that meets the Creative Practice requirement (please note that some courses meet both the analysis and creative practice requirements)

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