Sep 24, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interfaith Leadership Minor

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Program Core

Four full-credit courses + One quarter-credit project course

Two Electives, One from Each of Two Categories:

Program Notes:

Note on “Double-Dipping”: Students may count up to two courses from their major and one course from another minor toward the Interfaith Leadership Minor. (Exception: the Anthropology Department currently does not allow its majors and minors to double-dip with other programs.)

Note on courses not listed above: Other courses may be allowed as electives on the approval of the Interfaith Leadership Minor director.

Note on Prerequisites for Courses from Other Departments/Programs: Some courses in the Interfaith Leadership Minor may require permission of the instructor, if students do not have the prerequisites for the course. For example, JCL 150  will require permission of the instructor, and entry in that course will depend on how far along students are in this minor. Also, only students who have taken PSYCH 001  and ES 001 , may enroll in PSYCH 163 - Prejudice and Stereotyping . Students should prepare accordingly.

Note for Interfaith in Context Elective:

** PSYCH 150  only counts as an elective for this minor with Interfaith Leadership Program Director approval.

Notes for Enhanced Learning Outcome Elective:

* The asterisked courses will count for this elective only if they were not already taken as a part of the Interfaith Leadership Minor Program Core.

Theology and Religious Studies (TRS) courses for the Interfaith Leadership Minor will not double-dip with the Theological Understanding Core Curriculum Requirement. To count as an Enhanced Learning Outcome Elective, these courses must be taken in addition to the two courses required for the Theological Understanding requirement. Note also that other TRS courses may count for this elective upon approval of the Interfaith Leadership Program Director, who will confirm their inclusion in this program with the TRS Department Chair.

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