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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global and Regional Studies, Regional Studies Track, East Asia Concentration, BA

GRS Regional - Lower Division Requirements

Students must complete the following five lower-division courses:

Global and Regional Studies - Upper Division Requirements

Additional upper-division courses

Students in the Regional Studies track complete four additional upper division courses. One each from the following four disciplines according to regional concentration:


Literature and Art

check with Director for appropriate courses


Regional studies track students must take the ANTH 121  that corresponds to the content of their region.

Any course listed for this major that requires a prerequisite assumes a grade of C- or better in the prerequisite course. In addition, C is the minimum acceptable grade in GRS 100  and GRS 196  for credit toward the major.

Regional Studies track students must complete the requirements of a minor area of study chosen from Anthropology, Economics, History, World Languages and Cultures, or Politics.