Sep 24, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry, BA

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In addition

  • recommended for all majors, and especially recommended for B.S. majors and those considering attending graduate school in the sciences.

Upper Division

The following upper-division courses are required for all three majors in chemistry:

For the chemistry B.A. major, students must take


BIOL 135  may count as an upper-division course if BIOCHEM 101  or BIOL 102  are not taken. A combination of one to three CHEM 197 /CHEM 199  courses that equal 1.0 or more credit can count for one upper division course.

*Note regarding Math requirements: Exposure to multivariable calculus is recommended preparation for CHEM 114 , and strongly recommended for students planning to attend graduate school in chemistry. Students learn the most multivariable calculus by taking MATH 027 , MATH 038 , and MATH 039 , and therefore this course of study is the preferred option. Students should learn a small amount of multivariable calculus by taking MATH 027  and this plan should be followed for students who will not take MATH 039 .

*Notes regarding prerequisites: (1) BIOCHEM 101  requires prerequisites of BIOL 001  OR strong high school preparation in biology and instructor approval. Students obtaining instructor approval to enroll in BIOCHEM 101  may waive BIOL 001  as a requirement for the BS major. (2) BIOL 135  requires BIOL 001  as a prerequisite, and students can obtain instructor permission to enroll in BIOL 135  without completing BIOL 002 


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