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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Organizations and Responsible Business

Caroline Burns, PhD, Professor, Chair

Nancy Lam, PhD, Associate Professor

Yuan Li, PhD, Associate Professor

Barbara A. McGraw, JD, PhD, Professor

George Papagiannis, JD, Adjunct Associate Professor

Grant Rozeboom, Associate Professor

Lili Yan, JD, PhD, Associate Professor


Managers play a crucial role in organizations supporting the work of those who specialize in areas such as accounting, marketing, or finance. Pursuing a major in management and leadership lays the building blocks not just for graduates’ first jobs, but for a long and successful career in which planning, directing, and leading are paramount. You will learn firsthand from experts on decision-making, leadership, business law, and ethics. You will develop the skills necessary not only to help you succeed but also to be prepared to help others enjoy success too:  employees, colleagues, customers, owners, and your communities. At the end of the program, students will know how to be conscientious, ethical, responsible, innovative, and effective leaders and managers who are able to galvanize diverse people to accomplish common worthy goals, employing strategies that serve not only the organizations in which they work, but also strategies that facilitate their organizations’ positive social impact beyond responsibilities in the market.

Program Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Graduates will be effective business analysts

Goal 2: Graduates will be effective business communicators

Goal 3: Graduates will be ethically conscious people who promote social and environmental responsibility in business and other organizations

Goal 4: Graduates will develop leadership qualities

Goal 5: Graduates will understand the impact of globalization

Goal 6: Students will learn how to guide innovative, responsible organizational decision-making

Goal 7: Students will gain the skills to exercise ethical, purpose-driven leadership in business organizations


    Bachelor of ScienceMinor


      Organizations and Responsible Business - Lower DivisionOrganizations and Responsible Business - Upper Division