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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Science

The School of Science offers an interdisciplinary major in Health Science. This program provides a strong foundation in natural science and human biology. The Health Science major prepares students to pursue graduate programs in various fields including but not limited to physical therapy, physician assistant, nursing, occupational therapy, public health, and other health careers that require a science background and have a service orientation (listed below). Upon entry to the program, the student  and Health Science Advisor meet to design a course of study suitable to their interests and career path. 

The Health Science major is consistent with the mission of the College to offer students a diverse liberal arts curriculum that is enhanced by an area of study-in this case the biological, biochemical, chemical, psychological, and physical sciences. The Health Science Program offers both a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. The B.S. Health Science major provides a solid foundation for students pursuing graduate programs with intensive math and science prerequisites. The B.A. Health Science major provides students the flexibility to undertake a minor, prepare for a single-subject teaching credential, or complete courses for graduate school.The courses that fulfill the Health Science major allow students to acquire scientific knowledge, integrate that knowledge among different fields of science, and apply it in the professional environment. Finally, the Health Science major facilitates education of a community of students with common goals to enhance the health and well-being of their communities through a variety of health service-oriented professions.


Jasvinder Kaur, PhD, Director

Learning Outcomes

  • DEMONSTRATE understanding of the biological workings of the human body and its relevance to human health.
  • UNDERSTAND and practice scientific inquiry through observation and/or experimentation including logic of experimentation, data analysis and ethical implications.
  • ANALYZE, interpret, integrate and evaluate scientific literature with the ability to communicate findings in a written format.
  • DEMONSTRATE a high degree of professional integrity and social awareness through consideration of social inequities and respect for the value of individuals, communities and perspectives of difference.

Career Paths

Career paths suitable for the B.S. in Health Science and their electives.  

Career paths suitable for the B.A. in Health Science and their electives.  

Major Requirements 

The Health Science Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science majors are comprised of both lower- and upper-division courses, many with corresponding laboratories, detailed below. To officially declare a Health Science major, students must have completed CHEM 110  & CHEM 110L  with a C- or better. In order to finish a Health Science B.A. or B.S. major within four years, it is essential that students complete CHEM 230  & CHEM 230L  prior to the beginning of their sophomore year.



    Bachelor of ScienceBachelor of Arts


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