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2024 January Term Course Catalog 
2024 January Term Course Catalog
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JAN 121 - The Art of Correspondence

Please Note: Level 100 classes are open ONLY to first-year students.


Type:  Remote

Course Meeting Days & Times: MTThF, 12:00 PM-2:30:00 PM


Instructor(s): Newson, Patrick


Fee: $15


Course Description:  In this age of rapidly expanding digital communication, our correspondences influence the jobs we get, the lives we lead, the personal histories we record, and the relationships we foster. Though physical letters and letter-writing have begun to slip toward antiquity, in this class we will explore the historical and literary significance of correspondence as well as the practical importance of crafting a well-written letter. We will also discuss and evaluate the ways in which we learn and the methodology of this particular type of education. We will explore the impact of letters in documenting not only political or environmental events, but also in capturing the thought, belief, and aesthetics of the time. We will also read very contemporary examples of letters that challenge and expand the established understanding of their power. In addition, we will read and discuss fictional and poetic epistolary work, modern popular music which utilizes the epistolary form, and the widespread use of postal art around the globe. Finally, we will discuss the internet, email, social media, and forum anonymity, some of the elements which now define our digital correspondent culture. This class is both a platform for in-depth discussion and analysis of the formal and historical importance of correspondence and an opportunity for creative and pragmatic engagement within the practice of writing letters.



Prerequisites & Notes

Credits: 3

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