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2024 January Term Course Catalog 
2024 January Term Course Catalog
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JAN 120 - Sport Writing: The “I” in Team

Please Note: Level 100 classes are open ONLY to first-year students


Type:  In-Person

Course Meeting Days & Times: MTThF, 12:00 PM-2:30:00 PM

Instructor(s): Volmer, Mary


Fee: $30


Course Description:  Despite the clichéd phrase, “there is no I in team,” a team is a collection of I(s): individuals with needs and goals distinct from and, at times, in conflict with team goals. In this course we will use all kinds of sports writing (journalism, creative, scholarly, reflective) to explore the difficulties and rewards of being an individual on an athletic team, and by extension an individual within a community.


Fear not. To take this class you do not need to be an athlete. We will be exercising our minds and the topics we investigate have far-reaching implications. How does one best satisfy and balance individual needs with the needs of a collective (be it a team, family, corporation, theater troupe, campus, class, etc.)? What is a “team player?” Are/How are sports a religious activity, a patriotic activity, a selfish or selfless activity? How do we view race, gender, and sexuality through the lens of sports? We will explore these questions and more in our reading, in our writing, and in our discussions. Our goal is to gain a broader understanding of the place of sport in our own lives and in our society.

Prerequisites & Notes

Credits: 3

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