May 22, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 313 - Advanced Design

Upper Division

Take any of the following courses: ART 101 , ART 103 , ART 104 , ART 155 , ART 301 , ART 304 ART 355 COMM 333  

Students in this course will learn graphic design for print, web and infographics. This course begins with skills building exercises and assignments before introducing a self-directed creative project using the software, skills and knowledge gained in the first phase.This is a hands-on course that will give students valuable, transportable skills in design and project management.

Core Curriculum Designation(s)
ACP, ARTS, HUM, HSP - Arts and Humanities Analysis and Practice



Additional Notes
Previous course number: ART 113

Course credits: 4

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