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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AH 300 - Women in Art

Upper Division

AH 201  or AH 280  or AH 365  or AH 366 WRIT 200  or WRIT 201  or WRIT 205  or WRIT 210  or WRIT 215  or WRIT 220  or WRIT 225  or WRIT 230  or WRIT 308  previously or concurrently.

This course will focus on women both as the subjects and the creators of art in Europe and the United States. It will be organized chronologically and thematically. This will involve a historical survey of women artists and their artistic contributions, as well as an examination of the religious, mythological and secular images of women in art. Extensive attention will be given to the creation, modification and persistence of these images throughout history, due to various social, economical, psychological and intellectual conditions. This course will teach students how to write and do research in the history of art, continuing the work begun in WRIT II courses and building upon the skills learned there. This course will develop students’ thinking skills in the history of art and improve their ability to communicate within the discipline.

Core Curriculum Designation(s)
ARTS & HUM - Arts and Humanities Analysis



Additional Notes
Previous course number: AH 100

Course credits: 4

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