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2023 January Term Course Catalog 
2023 January Term Course Catalog
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JAN 054 - Energy Sustainability - Build Passive Solar Home

Lower Division

Full Credit


MTuThF, 12:00 PM - 2:35 PM


A passive solar home is a comfortable home that gets at least part of its heating, cooling, and lighting energy from the sun. Sustainable or “green building” design and construction is the opportunity to use resources more efficiently while creating healthier and more energy-efficient homes. There is no magic formula and success comes in the form of leaving a lighter footprint on the environment through energy efficiency and conservation of resources.  

In this class, students learn how we generate electricity and power the modern world, and the link to climate change. We investigate the principles of passive solar design as well as renewable sources of energy (photovoltaics, wind, water). The class divvies into groups and each group will create and build a model of their vision of a truly energy-efficient, sustainable home.

Some students may build their own homes someday and remember some of the principles learned in this class. Others will become stewards of sustainable living, and all, hopefully, will develop a keener awareness around the impact of choices they make.


Instructor: Alexandra LaGatta


Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites: None

Course Fee: 50

Credits: 1

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