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2023 January Term Course Catalog 
2023 January Term Course Catalog
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PERFA 037 - Selecting a Season

Lower Division

Quarter Credit 




Students will be asked to apply critical questions and season-selection criteria to a variety of playscripts: Why this play, now? How does this play speak to our present moment? Can this play be appropriately cast with our student population? Does this play offer sufficient roles for our student cohort, especially women, non-binary, and PoC-identified actors? Can scenery, costumes, and other technical elements necessary for this play be achieved with our existing resources? How well does this play align with our program’s learning objectives, and with the mission and vision of the larger institution? Who will be the audience for this play? What marketing challenges might this play pose? The goal of the course is to lead a student-driven process for generating a short list of 3-5 plays for production consideration in the following academic year.


Instructor: TBA

Questions: Deanna Zibello, dlz2@stmarys-ca.edu


Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites: None

Course fee: None

Credits: .25

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