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2023 January Term Course Catalog 
2023 January Term Course Catalog
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JAN 109 - Living in Stalin’s Russia: Daily Life in Extraordinary Times, 1928-1953

Upper division
Full credit
MTuThF, 9:15 AM - 11:50 AM

As the leader of the Soviet Union from 1928-1953, Joseph Stalin oversaw cataclysmic changes that wiped out old ways of life and established a new society - and in the process, caused the deaths of millions of Soviet citizens. This course looks at these changes through the eyes of those who lived through them - and those who did not survive. What was it like to live in that new world, which offered a bright future for those who conformed to Stalinist ideals - and promised to liquidate enemies (real or imagined) of the state? Lectures will present the historical narrative of these years, and readings will explore the experiences of Soviet citizens in their diaries, memoirs, public autobiographies written for propaganda purposes, and underground literature.

Instructor(s): Dana Sherry
Email:  dls6@stmarys-ca.edu

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites:  SEM 001/102
Course Fee:  20

Credits: 1

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