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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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KINES 014 - Introduction to Health Promotion

Lower Division

Health promotion is a discipline that seeks to improve the health of individuals and communities through education, behavioral change, and environmental improvement. This course provides students with an introduction to the principles of health promotion by exposing students to strategies used to promote health to individuals, to groups in specific settings such as schools and work places, and to entire communities. The course will develop and extend students’ understanding of public health principles, human behavior, and determinants of health in order to explore recent advances in the science and art of health promotion. Specific attention is paid to health disparities and determinants of health. Students will be involved in health promotion program development and/or delivery as part of their community engagement project.

Core Curriculum Designation(s)
CE - Community Engagement

Course credits: 1

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