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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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JAN 020 - Precious Watersheds

Lower Division

Waterfalls and rushing rivers impart sensations of enjoyment and fulfill our spirits. Water is used in formal spiritual ceremonies, and thus is also a cultural necessity. Yet, water can also be evaluated as a critical commodity for economic sustainability. In California, the war over water rights led to a stronger national environmental movement with the landmark case to preserve Mono Lake. This course will focus on what our individual and societal responsibilities are with respect to maintaining watersheds. The readings will set up a foundation for discussion and classroom activities. The curriculum will be organized so students can gain some level of expertise and then utilize their skills to inform others. The weekly planned field trip will require an additional afternoon time commitment and will be set on Thursday afternoons (including the first week of Jan term). This is in addition to the treks during class to our on-campus seasonal wetland, the Saint Mary’s College Swamp (formerly Lake La Salle). The service learning component of this class will have three parts: 1) creating some media materials for a community/civic organization and documenting this task; 2) planning educational materials for the web resource; and 3) performing educational outreach work. A team presentation on a specific issue will occur in the last week as a part of the web materials aspect of the course.

Additional Notes
Designated as a service-learning course

Course credits: 1

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