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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 196 - Capstone Project

Upper Division

This capstone course bridges the Art Practice curriculum in preparation for a professional career. It is articulated as a sequence of three 0.25 credit courses taken over the last 3 semesters of an Art Major’s course of study. Students are expected to work on their art throughout the three sections of the capstone. The sequence consists of:

  1. Art History & Theory - offered in the spring. This section encourages students to consider their position as artists in the context of contemporary art, as well as hone their ability to talk about and analyze their own art. (Spring Junior Year, Majors only)
  2. Professional Practices - offered in the fall. This section shows students how to document and write about their artwork and create a professional artist’s portfolio website. (Fall Senior Year for Majors and Minors)
  3. Art Practice - offered in the spring. In the last section students focus on completing their artwork, write about it, document it and post it to their portfolio. The capstone culminates in the students’ art show either physically in the museum or in our virtual gallery. (Spring Senior Year, Majors only)


Additional Notes
Art Practice Majors are expected to take all three ART 196 sections starting in the spring of their Junior year.  Art Practice Minors are expected to enroll in ART 196 (ii- Professional Practices) only in the fall of their Senior year.

Course credits: .25

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